Is Screen Printing right for you?

Deciding which printing method to use for your promotional apparel may be tricky especially if you don’t fully understand the options you have. Don't worry, we got you! The most popular printing methods are Screen Printing and DTG (Direct to Garment). In screen printing, a design is applied onto a garment using ink and a stencil (screen). The ink is pushed through a woven stencil then on to the garment. The ink (plastisol) does not soak through the fabric, instead it remains printed on the surface in layers. Chances are you already own a screen printed t-shirt, especially if you can feel the ink ( plastisol). This is a high quality printing method compared to the iron-on design used by some low end printers. If your design has more than one color; our specialists will use different stencils in the printing process. The number of stencils will be equal to the number of colors in a particular design. Each stencil will represent a specific color component of the design one by one until the final look is achieved. You get the picture by now…

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