Embroidery is the art of decorating different fabrics using needles and colorful threads to enhance the appearance of any boring fabric from basic to slay. With embroidery, you can transform that plain white t-shirt because, why not?

Embroidery too can be used to customize your garments. With your logo or own design, we can embroider anything on your garments and VOILA! Just like that, your garments are branded and good to go.

On the commercial scale (what we do), embroidery is not your needle and thread affair. Sophisticated and computerized embroidery machines are used to brand or custom design your garments. We input the artwork into the machine and in no time, your garment is ready.

VS Tees provide the best embroidery service in Los Angeles.

For long-lasting and professional finishes, embroidered garments are the best option. We have the capacity to embroider as many as possible designs with a minimum of 48 pieces of the same exact design even color. We do 3D embroidery printing, Puff, and metallic stitching.

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